High Blood Sugar Symptoms

High Blood Sugar Symptoms

Blood Sugar Levels and its Symptoms: Blood sugar refers to the measurement of glucose level in the body. It actually measures how efficiently a body processes the sugar taken in via daily food intake. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is highly important for living a healthy and active life as nearly all body tissues including nerves and the
brain, count on blood sugar as their daily source of energy. Maintaining blood sugar levels is important for invigorating blood cells and increasing metabolism as well. Normal blood sugar levels range from 70mg to 150mg and any number ranging below or above these levels is considered abnormal and unnatural. Blood sugar levels are mostly affected by diet, your activity level, insulin in the body and stress.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms:
High blood sugar levels can seriously damage health, leading to dire medical conditions. Let’s now discuss high blood sugar levels and its symptoms:

What is High Blood Sugar Level?

High Blood Sugar Level: High blood sugar levels or Hyperglycemia refers to a condition in which a person suffering from high blood sugar levels is incapable of making insulin or is not responsive to insulin properly. When the body doesn’t get insulin, glucose gathers in the blood ultimately resulting this condition. People get high blood sugar level due to two main reasons. First is that an important endocrine organ in our body called the pancreas stop secreting enough insulin required for a human body. The second reason for high blood sugar level is called insulin-resistance. In insulin-resistance, the cells of our body show high resistance towards glucose lowering consequences of insulin. Both of these reasons cause high blood sugar level which leads to long term complexities. At initial stages, high blood sugar does not damage any of your organs but if it remains untreated for a longer period it can cause electrolyte imbalance, blindness, kidney diseases, heart diseases and dehydration etc.

Causes of High Blood Sugar: Hyperglycemia is caused due to the following:

  • Improper diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Insufficient intake of diabetic medicines
  • Other illnesses like stress and flu etc

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar:
Some very common high blood sugar symptoms are:

  • Weight Loss: When the body doesn’t get enough insulin to use glucose, it splits down the muscles to provide energy to the cells. This results in noticeable weight loss.
  • Frequent Urination: People suffering with hyperglycemia have a frequent urge for urination during the whole day as well as at night.
  • Dry Mouth: High blood sugar levels patients suffer from dry mouths and also get thirsty more often than normal people.
  • Tiredness: When the body doesn’t get enough energy, it feels tired very often.
  • Blurred Vision: People suffering from high blood sugar level often observe blurry vision and sometimes complete loss of vision too.
  • Vaginal Infection: Many women experience vaginal infections while suffering from hyperglycemia.